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Sellers on OZON, WildBerries, Amazon and other marketplaces get more than $500 billion year revenue


are platforms that give an opportunity to sellers and suppliers to showcase their products, regulate pricing policy and be reached by millions of people all around the world. As a result, companies of any size get lots of clients and also features and advantages of a big player.

You can be a partner of all of these marketplaces for FREE!

Sell on Ozon

Russian international online store of books, electronics, baby goods, medicines and other categories.

Works on the whole territory of Russia and CIS.

The first online shop in Russia, established in 1998.

OZON recently launched a partner program and is actively looking for new partners!



unique visitors per month






orders per day in Russia

Sell on WildBerries

Russian international online store of clothes, footwear, electronics, baby goods, household and other products.

Besides Russia works in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

The biggest online Russian store in 2016, 2017 and 2018.



unique visitors per month






orders per day

Sell On AMAZON Inc. - American company, one of the oldest online stores, the undisputed leader in terms of trade. In addition to the USA, it also works in Canada, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and 15 other countries. The largest online store in the world where your customers are actively buying something right now!



unique visitors per month US Only



orders per day



recurrent buyers
How does it work?

First steps on marketplaces we do for you

We correctly prepare the package of documents

We set up your personal account correctly

We upload your goods to the site

You start selling



We help organize work with marketplaces so that you focus only on providing quality products! We take care of the rest

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Marketplace takes a commission only for completed orders. Its size depends on the category of goods and is set taking into account average prices and margins.

No monthly payments

Marketplaces take only a commission for completed orders.

Transparent financial calculations

All platforms provide a detailed report on all payments.

Shipment & Delivery
Shipment & Delivery

We will arrange the delivery of goods from your warehouse. You can trust the storage of goods, the packaging and packaging of your OZON, WB or Amazon orders

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Delivery through a marketplaces network

OZON or WB delivers goods throughout the country and abroad through an extensive logistics network.

Shipment from Ozon or WB warehouse

You deliver goods to an Ozon or WB warehouse. They complete, package and send orders to customers.

Shipment from your warehouse

You pass Ozon and WB information on goods' availability and receive orders. Ozon and WB may come to pickup the order, or you can bring it to them to their pick-up point.


Gain access to the gigantic market and millions of customers who make more than 600,000 purchases per day

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Expand Your Market Through Organic Search

Marketplace partners have a unique opportunity to attract customers absolutely free by displaying their products for relevant keywords.

Expand your market cheaper with Yandex and Google

Ozon and WB advertising solutions will reach and attract customers at every stage of their journey - from awareness to purchase and beyond.

We help bring your products to the TOP of search results

We set up internal advertising campaigns as well as email campaigns

Enlarge your opportunities

How can we help?


ECOM SELLER is created to help suppliers launch on Amazon fast and neat


We connect you to the OZON, Amazon, WB and other sites. We set up your personal account, integrate all your products and stock balances, prepare product pages for sale


We help bring your products to the TOP of search, do email campaigns, and set up internal advertising campaigns, such as flash promotions, holiday promotions and sales!

How much does it cost?

It's absolutely FREE

Get a free audit of you company to start selling on the biggest marketplaces of the world

Still have questions?



What do I get from placing products on marketplaces? Why is it worth putting products on marketplaces?

You get a free access to millions of consumers of your products. If you trade in the B2C segment, then 99% of the goods can be represented on marketplaces.

What are the unobvious advantages of placing my product on marketplaces?

Not obvious advantages are:

  • Shipment and delivery of goods that you no longer need to deal with, since marketplaces will do this for you.
  • Marketplaces promote your products in the top, as they are interested in earning together.
  • Delivery of goods occurs as soon as possible
  • Marketplaces have their own extensive network of pick-up points where a customer can try on your goods and just get your goods there
  • All financial statements are generated independently and sent to your mailbox! All you have to do is transfer the data to your accountant for tax reporting.
  • The problem of low percentage of foreclosures is absent as the client pays immediately upon the purchase of goods

Get a FREE REPORT of readiness of your business to start selling on marketplaces

Why is it worth putting your product on the marketplace right now, and not later?

If you look at Amazon, with which we have been working for more than 2 years, you can easily understand that the share of online purchases in the CIS will increase very much for all categories of goods. Accordingly, sales and traffic will grow on all marketplaces, where your competitors have already begun to sell.

The sooner you enter the market of marketplaces, the faster you will be able to get a competitive advantage in the form of more reviews, higher search positions, and also the lowest advertising prices.

Are there any guarantees that my products will be sold on marketplaces?

If you go to the marketplace you are interested in and see products similar to yours, we can 100% assure that your competitors are already selling goods and taking part of your market. If there is a demand, then there is a supply!

It is very important to understand that marketplaces are an additional sales channel that will help you enter a new market for consumers who would hardly buy from outside the marketplace. The marketplace gives guarantees in the form of transaction security, quick delivery and the ability to return the goods, which is now very important for CIS customers who are just starting to buy goods online.

Why is it more profitable to exhibit at the marketplace (taking into account the commission) than to sell your product yourself?

Marketplaces charge a commission for the sale of goods on their site. This commission depends on the category of goods in which you are trading. On average, it is from 15 to 30% per purchase.

If you calculate how much it costs you to sell a product and service an order, it is most likely much more expensive than 15-30% of the marketplace commission.

Consider the following components of your business that you need to implement to sell goods yourself:


  • Ad expenses (Google, Yandex, Instagram, Facebook) – CPL
  • Content creation
  • Marketing employee
  • Copywriter

Leads handling:

  • Sales people
  • CRM system
  • IP telephony
  • Computers / Headsets


  • Rent
  • Storekeeper
  • Box stacker
  • Boxes


  • Financier
  • Accountant
  • Cash Service


  • Logistician
  • Shipping company fees
  • Contracts with different companies
  • or
  • You own courier network
  • Returns problem

And a huge number of problems associated with bringing all this together and understanding, after all these expenses, does your business make money at all or not.

All these operations above can be done by marketplaces, and you will focus on giving the market a cool product!

Find out the exact commission of your product category on all marketplaces



There are companies like yours, why should I go with you?

We ourselves trade on all marketplaces, including the foreign Amazon in order to maintain our knowledge, as well as constantly test new hypotheses and ideas that we immediately inform our customers!

Leave a request for a manager’s consultation

What happens after contacting you?

We sign a cooperation agreement and request information about your products that you want to put on marketplaces.

  • We register your company at selected marketplaces
  • set up your account correctly
  • We upload goods to the marketplace
  • We prepare photos * (if you do not have photos of goods)
  • We set up the warehouse service
  • We set up the delivery of orders from marketplaces
  • We help to get the first customers, set up advertising, promotions, sales, as well as work correctly with the platforms.

Leave a request for a free consultation from our manager who will audit your store and advise you whether it’s worth going to Marketplace with your products.

How long does it take from contacting you to the start of sales?

It depends on how many products you have and on how many marketplaces you want to enter. Usually the process takes from 2 to 6 weeks maximum. Leave a request HERE to calculate for how much we can bring your store to the marketplace.

What if I do not have good product photos?

You can take photos of the goods yourself according to the rules of marketplaces, which we will send you. However, we can prepare photos for any marketplace for a fee. You need to photograph the product from four sides and send them to our email

Is a trademark needed to be placed on marketplaces?

All marketplaces have different requirements. There are marketplaces where the trademark is not needed, for example, Amazon, and where it is needed, for example, on WildBerries. Contact us
and we’ll show you how to get a brand name right.

I’m a sole entrepreneur, can I trade on marketplaces?

Yes, you can sole entrepreneur, LLC and other forms of organizations can become partners of marketplaces.

What documents are required for placement on marketplaces?

for legal entities

  • Certificate of OGRN
  • Certificate TIN
  • Charter of the company with tax authority registration notes
  • Decision or order for the appointment of the Director General
  • Notification of the possibility of applying a simplified tax system (if any)

For sole entrepreneu

  • Certificate OGRNIP (or register sheet USRIP)
  • Certificate TIN
  • Copy of a passport (first spread with photo)


What products are prohibited on marketplaces?

According to the law of the Russian Federation and the rules of Marketplace, partners cannot sell:

  • alcohol products;
  • veterinary drugs;
  • vitamins for animals;
  • weapons, ammunition, explosives, explosives, gunpowder;
  • precious and rare metals;
  • gems;
  • living plants;
  • medicines, except dietary supplement;
  • museum items and collections included in the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation;
  • weapons;
  • pesticides and agrochemicals;
  • food products (except for groceries, confectionery and drinks that can be stored at a temperature of 17-24 °);
  • air guns with muzzle energy greater than 3 J and products for it;
  • X-ray equipment, instruments and equipment using radioactive substances and isotopes;
  • Airsoft guns with muzzle energy greater than 3 J and products for it;
  • tobacco products;
  • technical means for secretly obtaining information;
  • cryptographic equipment;
  • electronic cigarettes, accessories and liquids for them;
  • ethanol;
  • poisons, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, their precursors.


How are products loaded to the platform?

We ourselves take care of the entire process of loading goods, from creating listings in your account to working with barcodes and importing images. In the case of a large number of SKUs, we load the goods in the XLS file or by API.



What are the specific commissions and tariffs on the marketplaces?

At the marketplace, you pay a commission for the order, when the buyer orders the goods and the order goes into the “Delivered” status;

Each market has different tariffs, but they are all about the same: from 10% to 30%. Commissions vary depending on how you sell the product: from a warehouse on the trading floor or from your warehouse. As a rule, for the sale from the marketplace warehouse you need to pay 5-10%.


If the price of the goods is less than 100 rubles, the commission is calculated from 100 rubles.

  • The product costs 200 rubles, the commission is 5%. Then the amount of the commission is 5% × 200 = 10 rubles.
  • The product costs 50 rubles, the commission is 5%. The price is less than 100 rubles, so we calculate a commission of 100 rubles: 5% × 100 rubles = 5 rubles.

What is included in the commission?

Sale from a warehouse of marketplaces:

  • Placement of goods on the site.
  • Processing of goods in a warehouse: placement of goods, assembly and packaging of orders.
  • Delivery of goods to customers.
  • Returns processing.

Sale from your warehouse:

  • Placement of goods on the site.
  • Processing orders at the point of reception.
  • Returns processing.

What is the price of your services?

EcomSeller – we help you connect to OZON absolutely free!

The rest of the marketplaces are connected for a fee, depending on the number of products to be connected and additional services, such as (preparing photos, preparing barcodes, preparing a product description, etc.)

Leave a request for a free consultation and our manager will contact you in 24 hours

How do I get money from the marketplaces?

When the order status becomes “Delivered”, payment is credited to the account and a commission for marketplace services is debited

  • If the buyer returns the goods, the value of the goods is deducted from the account and a commission is returned, except for 5% of the value of the goods.

Money is transferred to your bank account twice a month:

  • The first payment includes operations that took place before the 16th. Marketplace transfers money until the 25th.
  • The second payment includes transactions from the 16th day to the last day of the month. Marketplace transfers money until the 10th day of the next month.

At the end of the billing period (the 16th day and the last day of the month), the account is reset.



How do marketplaces interact with sellers?

There are two schemes for working with deliveries and orders on the marketplace:

  1. Sale from the Marketplace warehouse:
  • You deliver goods to the warehouse of the marketplace in advance. Items are stored in this warehouse.
  • When the order arrives, the warehouse staff collect the goods themselves, pack the order and pass it on to the delivery service.
  • The marketplace delivery service brings the goods to the buyer or to the point of delivery.
  1. Items are stored in your warehouse.
  • When an order arrives, you collect and pack it yourself
  • You take the order to the sorting center or a market place courier arrives for it.
  • The marketplace delivery service brings the goods to the buyer or to the point of delivery.

How does barcoding work?

Depending on the marketplace, there are different barcode requirements for UPC, GTIN, FNSKU, etc. We will help you choose the right universal barcodes and correctly prepare a batch of your goods for sale on any of the marketplaces.

I want to sell from my warehouse, how can you help me?

EcomSeller will make basic logistics settings for your store, help you collect orders, packaging requirements, send orders, advise on controversial orders and inventory management.


Sales and Promotion

How can I promote my products on marketplaces?

Every marketplace has its own marketing tools, such as:

  • Special prices
  • Ad campaign
  • Showcase
  • Sales

We help to select tools individually for your store to get maximum sales!

Will my brand devalue after being placed on the marketplace?

You can display your goods at any price! It is not necessary to make prices lower. Your brand will be the same as it was, but only you get access to a new audience that did not know about you yet.

How to set up ads on the marketplace?

There are different types of advertising. We work with all types of advertising and can help you set up a profitable advertising campaign for any market place.

How to promote the products organically?

There are a number of techniques that we can advise, based on our experience, which help to rank products up in search results.

Get A Free Consultation with our manager, so we can answer your question in details!

Start selling your products on marketplaces without a warehouse, with a ready-to-go marketing strategy in just 2 weeks!

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